Health and drinking water optimization

We offer you the Vieva Bio-Vital Analysis
– The health check without blood draw
– No laboratory waiting times
– Painless and free of side effects
– Exact measurement via a hand sensor
– Direct evaluation and advice
Analysis of gastrointestinal function, heavy metal & pesticide load, bone fracture density, metabolism, liver & kidney function, immune & lyph system, acid-base balance, endocrine system, sleep disorder and mental stress.

AQM Aqua Time
The mini waterworks for our kitchen!
Water is life – Pure water is healthy living.
Drinking Water Treatment – Health-Promoting – Redox Potential Oxidative – Convenient & Safe – Slightly Basic

Healthy with the Eußenheimer Manufaktur
In addition, you will receive the health-promoting products of the Eußenheimer Manufaktur.
Organic health products from nature!
Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you on your needs.

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