Bad Kissinger Health Weeks

May 01 - 31, 2023
Bad Kissingen

Bad Kissingen moves from 1 to 31 May 2023
The Bad Kissinger Health Weeks will take place from 1 to 31 May 2023 in the city area and in the eight districts. At events and hands-on activities, participants can feel comfortable, make contacts and be active together. All interested parties will have the opportunity to get to know companies, associations and their offers on the subject of health.

“The motto ‘Bad Kissingen moves‘ answers very well to who the Health Weeks are aimed at: On the one hand, health holidaymakers from outside, on the other hand, just as much as the people of Bad Kissingen,” says Lord Mayor Dr. Dirk Vogel.

The Bad Kissingen Health Weeks are jointly organized by the city of Bad Kissingen and the Bayer. Staatsbad Bad Kissingen GmbH. The local companies and associations participate with their offers in the diverse overall program around the topic of health and exercise.

What’s on offer?
In addition to cross-generational sports and exercise activities to promote the physical fitness of young and old, the events offered are also thematically about mental and spiritual well-being. Visitors can look forward to a wide range of activities. In total, there are 471 different offers.
Some highlights include:
• Getting to know Ayurveda in the Ayurveda Centre at the Hotel Fontana (02/09/16/23/30 May)
• Lecture by Prof. Dr. Boris Augurzky, Chairman of the Board of the Münch Foundation, on “Why the health care system needs to be changed” (May 5)
• The Steptococcups: The Resilience Revue, entertaining medical comedy in the Rossini Hall (6 May)
• High-tech laboratories in historic rooms – From Europe’s largest bathhouse to the Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL): Short guided tour through the Kurhausbad and the former Royal Lodging House (Neumann Wing) (10/17/24 May)
• Lecture on the project GreenCare – Nature and Mental Health in the Eckrisalit Luitpoldbad
• Action Day Outpatient Spa Treatment (10 May) and 11 May: Action Day Therapy in the Eckrisalit Luitpoldbad
• Franconian market under the motto ‘Healthy in Franconia’ all day in the city centre (11-14 May)
• Open Day at the Hescuro Clinic (13 May)
• Fit & Active in the KissSalis Therme: Pay 3 hours, stay the whole day and there are also sporting extras (15/16/17 May)
• Short lectures on current research projects by the Institute of Spa Medicine (IKOM) in the former Kurhausbad (20 May)
• Geratherm Respiratory: Medical technology from Bad Kissingen – company tour with the possibility of measuring lung function (25 May)
• Closing event with sports ceremony at the market square (28 May)

The entire range of offers includes online and face-to-face offers for children and people of all ages from the following areas:

• Nutrition training, information on prevention, care or rehabilitation as well as advice on how to deal with illnesses and lectures with tips for everyday life
• Exhibitions, hands-on activities, open training meetings, workshops and check-ups
• Open days of clinics, with company tours and tours of the company as well as taster offers
• Information days and get-to-know-you days, which give interested parties the opportunity to get to know the company without obligation
• Catering establishments present special and particularly healthy drinks or dishes
• The retail trade offers testing options for (health) products and offers to test services (e.g. eye or hearing test, foot measurement, etc.)

An important contribution to mental and physical health in the city of Bad Kissingen is made by the local associations. They also took part in the Health Weeks. On several days in the month of May, there are taster courses, trial trainings, demonstration exercises, information booths in the city center and open days. Come by and join in is the motto here!

• Open training opportunities at TSV Bad Kissingen 1876 e.V., TSV 1898 Reiterswiesen e.V., Schützenverein “Edelweiss” Reiterswiesen, SV Garitz e.V., Tauchclub Nixe Bad Kissingen e.V. and many more. (01-31 May)
• Rehearsal lessons and public choir lessons at the Association for the Promotion of Music Education e.V., Gesangsverein Harmonie Arnshausen e.V., Youth Band of the FFW Garitz, and much more. (see calendar of events)
• Open day at the Reiterverein Bad Kissingen e.V., TSV Bad Kissingen 1876 e.V., Die Tafel Bad Kissingen e.V. and many more. (see calendar of events)
• Rimini Cup from TSVgg Hausen (18-21 May)
• Opening tournament of the new curling track of the Ski-Club Bad Kissingen e.V. (20 May)
• Information booths in the city center and information events of Rhönklub ZV Bad Kissingen e.V., Lebenshilfe Bad Kissingen e.V., Blende 2018 e.V., Förderverein Kissinger Sommer e.V. and many more. (May 20-21)

The exact dates and what will take place, when and where can be found in the schedule of the Health Weeks. It will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Further information on all events and offers can be found at as well as the social media presences of the city of Bad Kissingen on Facebook – – and Instagram – as well as under the hashtag #GesundheitswochenBadKissingen under which the city and Bayer. Staatsbad Bad Kissingen GmbH can also look forward to numerous posts from visitors to the events.

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