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pro sitt – Personal Coaching & Team Development in 3D

Characterized by the firm faith in people, and supported by the experience that there is always "something about and within us" for our earth, which is absolutely concerning to us, I am also very happy to do my service to my neighbour with my company "pro sitt". As a husband and father of 3 children, I am very grateful for the talent and opportunity to share life with each other in the sense of the maturation of our existence! More than 20 years of experience, reflection, teaching and learning in the context of pastoral care, management and education are the basis and measure for me as a personal coach in addition to the two academic presence courses. My company "pro sitt" has existed since 2009 and fills me by vocation, as well as my ministry as a pastor in the Catholic Church since 1998. I serve the people and companies entrusted to me in such a way that deep fulfillment, inner peace (shalom) can be felt in life in order to cope with and shape the challenges and demands of working life. When human needs and longings are satisfied ("pro sitt",) psychological and social stability (resilience) can come into the world as essential prerequisites for quality and performance! Such a peaceful attitude satisfies the inner thirst (sitt) for life & love, and radiates ...! If you are looking for a business lecture for your company anniversary or similar, then book the premium lecture "Charging - Burn in instead of Burn out! Inspirations from electromobility for a corporate and management culture 21.00 In this sense, a "pro sitt" on you and your company! Your Coach & Corporate Developers Bernd Keller M.A. Master of ethical management

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Practice room in the courseTraum - Schönbornstr. 64
97688 Bad Kissingen
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  • Business Lecture: Ladeweile - burn in vs. burn out. Learning for life from electromobility

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