Bad Kissinger Health Weeks

BAD KISSINGER HEALTH WEEKS Bad Kissingen moves from 1 to 31 May 2023 The Bad Kissinger Health Weeks will take place from 1 to 31 May 2023 in the city area and in the eight districts. At events and hands-on activities, participants can feel comfortable, make contacts and be active together. All interested parties will have the opportunity to get to know companies, associations and their offers on the subject of health. "The motto 'Bad Kissingen moves' answers very well to who the Health Weeks are aimed at: On the one hand, health holidaymakers from outside, on the other hand, just as much as the people of Bad Kissingen," says Lord Mayor Dr. Dirk Vogel. The Bad Kissingen Health Weeks are jointly organized by the city of Bad Kissingen and the Bayer. Staatsbad Bad Kissingen GmbH. The local companies and associations participate with their offers in the diverse overall program around the topic of health and exercise.
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Digital City Card

For many decades, there has been the popular Bad Kissinger gift voucher, which you can redeem in many shops, cafes, restaurants and service providers. Since April, there is now an alternative digital version. This new digital city card can be topped up with any amount....
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