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Salzgrotte Solana

Rediscover the source of health: Have you ever wondered why doctors recommend a spa stay at the lake for bronchial diseases and neurodermatitis? Why is seaside holidays so much more effective than inland? The special effect of salt has been known for thousands of years. Over time, salt has been used as an excellent remedy for many diseases. The concept for our salt cave is based on this source of salt health. We have connected the effective components of rock salt and sea salt, so that our salt cave offers you the iodine-containing air of the sea salt and the effect of the microelements of millions of years old rock salt. In our salt cave you will experience a constantly constant, balanced indoor climate. In addition to pure relaxation, staying in our sea salt cave serves above all to improve your health.

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    Children's play area
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    Customer toilet
Opening hours
10:45 a.m. - 5 p.m.
also on public holidays

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05 KG gift card

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