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The great landscape of the romantic Saale Valley is best known for a day trip or a multi-day trip by canoe, kayak, Canadian or stand-up paddling. It is popular as a slow-flowing and tranquil hiking river. The Saale is passable from Bad Neustadt. With light and mobile canoes with low draught, water walks are possible both on the rapids and on the narrow, almost overgrown rivers. The season starts in spring and ends in late autumn. Further information about canoe rental as well as the various tour options and consideration for the valuable nature of the Saale-Auen can be found at the following providers:

Saale Kanu

Saale-Kanu experience: www.saale-kanu-erlebnis.de/kanutouren

MCK-Sports: www.mckamp.de

Shore View Canoe Tours: www.uferblick.com