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Forest for the soul

In the “Forest for the Soul”, which has been awarded by the United Nations as the official project of the “UN Decade of Biological Diversity”, you will find the opportunity to relax on paths and stations and let the soul touch. The various stations are not only about feelings and needs, but also about the innermost values and deeper qualities of our soul and life experience. The forest for the soul is a natural experience place where areas of the forest have been artistically designed to touch our soul. Here you will find plants and landscape works on different topics of our lives. During a visit to the forest, you can take different perspectives and gain new experiences for the soul at different times. The forest for the soul is located in the immediate vicinity of the Klaushof Wildlife Park, the Malian Cascade Valley and the “Path of the Tree Giants”. For more information, please visit: www.wald-fuer-die-seele.de

  • Open 24 hours
    Open 24 hours
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    Own parking spot
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    Dogs allowed
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    No admission price
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Open 24 hours