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Experience the only opportunity in Germany with a stagecoach on a regular line of Deutsche Post to experience the past time of postal transport.

1939 was the maiden voyage of this carriage team, which had to be ended quickly by the incoming war. Since 1950, the carriage has been regularly travelling from Bad Kissingen through the romantic Saale Valley to Schloss Aschach and Bad Bocklet. On an idyllic tour with up to nine fellow travellers you will pass through beautiful nature as well as idyllic half-timbered villages. Due to the sounds of the postillion on the carriage and the rattling of the hooves, the passengers are transported back to the past. At the destination in Bad Bocklet or at Schloss Aschach there is enough time for a stop over or a visit to the museum until the stagecoach returns to Bad Kissingen. More information about this unique experience under www.badkissingen.de/de/aktivitaeten/ausfluege-in-die-umgebung/35749.Postkutsche

Opening hours
May - October
Thursday - Saturday
2 - 5:30 p.m.