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Bismarck Museum

At the original residence of the Reich Chancellor Bismarck, his 100th anniversary of his death, a museum opened in honour of the founder of the Reich and Reich Chancellor. This consists of two parts: the showrooms as well as the historic Bismarck apartment including the original furnishings from the time of his stays in Bad Kissingen. During his 15 spa stays, the Reich Chancellor had temporarily moved his seat of government to the Franconian Saale. The exhibition shows Bismarck as a private individual and as a statesman who was responsible for far-reaching political decisions on a total of 350 square meters. Some of these were taken here in the Upper Saline ("Kissinger Decree"). An exhibition of historical toys not only makes children's hearts beat faster. Interesting special exhibitions with various themes, events and a museum shop complement the diverse offer of this institution.

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Opening hours
Wednesday - Sunday
2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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