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Castle ruins Botenlaube

The imposing castle ruins of Botenlauben are located high above the town in the district of Reiterswiesen. It was probably built around 1180 and served the famous minstrel and crusader Count Otto von der Botenlauben in the Middle Ages as a residence with his wife - Countess Beatrix of Courtenay. According to legend, the veil of the Countess was caught by the wind and found many kilometers further in the forest. On this place the Countess built a monastery, today's Frauenroth, where the tomb is located. Visitors can experience the colourful (and also hard) life of the people in the Middle Ages up close at the Botenlauben Festival, which take place every two years. The fantastic view over Bad Kissingen is made possible by two spacious viewing platforms. The ruins of the castle are always open and can be entered free of charge without admission. Even in the evenings, the castle ruins can be safely walked through modern LED lighting and are rewarded with atmospheric views of the illuminated Kisssalis thermal baths as well as the city.

  • Open 24 hours
    Open 24 hours
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    Dogs allowed
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    No admission

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Open 24 hours!

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