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Grading building on the Saale

The graduation building - also known as "Saline" - is an imposing building on the Franconian Saale. It was originally part of the salt extraction plants (salt pans). The total length of the complex was about 2.2 kilometers. Through these plants, the enrichment of the brine's salinity was achieved. The function is similar to the task of the salt marshes in the Mediterranean. Due to the much simpler and cheaper extraction of salt from salt stocks, salt extraction ceased in 1945. However, grading became more and more important as a therapeutic element in the following years. The open-air inhalation with salty, misty air is used in brine therapy. This increases physical and mental performance and stabilizes the immune system. In the 80's unfortunately a large part of the (residual) gradier aus was removed for structural reasons. Only the foundation stones can be seen. Especially in the summer months, many guests enjoy the refreshing and cooling "salt rain". The graduation building is freely accessible at all times and costs no admission.

  • Open 24 hours
    Open 24 hours
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    Own parking space
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    No admission
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    Free parking
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