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Jewish cemetery

In 1817, the Jewish cemetery was built in the southeast of the city. Before that, the dead were buried in the Jewish community in Pfaffenhausen. The cemetery is located on a hill near the station and is still visited by Jewish guests. In 1891, the cemetery was extended for the first time. Also the then built Taharahouse for the execution of the ritual washings is still available. The entrance area is decorated with three large stone arches. Inside there is a guardroom, prayer-, washing-, corpse-, utensils- and section-room. The Tahara House was renovated in 2016. Nearly 500 tombstones remain in the cemetery, including war graves from 1866 with graves of Prussian and Bavarian Jewish soldiers who died at the Battle of Kissingen. In 1942, the last burial took place in the Nazi era and the cemetery was closed in the same year. From 1946 there were again burials. Due to multiple desecrations during the Nazi period, numerous grave slabs are missing or still show the traces of violent destruction. The cemetery is not open to the public. A key can be borrowed from the town of Bad Kissingen to visit the cemetery. This is in the municipal archive Bad Kissingen (Villa Bringfriede, Promenadestraße 6, tel.: 0971 807-1201 or 807-1202) during the working hours after depositing the identity card or another deposit (Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., with the return of the key on Friday by 12 noon). Since the cemetery is only mowed twice a year, the height of the grass may make a visit (especially in rainy weather) difficult or impossible. It is therefore advisable to put on sturdy footwear. A flyer about the Jewish cemetery is also available in the city archives.

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