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Slaughterhouse with Lindesmühl promenade

The former slaughterhouse was necessary for the supply of the population and the growing number of guests of Bad Kissingen. The almost sacral construction of this slaughterhouse is considered unique in Europe and has led to the colloquial name "Ochsenkathedrale". The slaughterhouse was operated from 1925 to 2002. The slaughterhouse includes four almost identical outbuildings. The plot of land at the Lindesmühle was deliberately chosen at that time, as the capacity, which was calculated for at least 30,000 people, could easily have been doubled if necessary. However, this was never needed. Since 2002, the slaughterhouse has been closed because new European standards would have required a complex refurbishment of the building. The changed way of life and care of guests and residents made the further operation superfluous.

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    Own parking space
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Würzburger Strasse 4
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